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Acceleration of the digital world puts huge pressure on organisations around the globe. A prolific increase in regulatory compliance, financial crime, cyber threats, big data and Artificial Intelligence means for organisations a minefield of issues and solutions. DataProtech is a world leader and visionary in “digital hygiene” operating across 4 continents and in over 12+ countries we cut through the digital noise to bring leading edge solutions and advice for this digital challenge.

Research & Development
AI Development

One of the challenges facing organisations today is the myriad of solutions on offer from so many companies and the speed at which our digital landscape changes from day to day. There is also a huge shortage of skilled expertise which often leads to gaps in an organisation’s skill set which in itself is a high-risk strategy.

Cyber security solutions used to be the holy grail to an organisations risk issues “digital hygiene” means so much more than that now, it is a critical and necessary part of any organisations risk posture, that has touch points throughout the entire operation. Organisations that ignore or dumb-down this challenge does so at high risk to the proper functioning of the business and leave the organisation wide open from not just bad actors but a string of compliance and regulatory issues.

DataProtech has over 100 years of combined expertise in risk, security and compliance it is a unique combination of skill sets that has seen our service offerings rapidly expand our presence around the world. Key to our success has been the ability to not only offer one of a kind solutions but to have the on-the-ground experience, knowing how the risk challenge augments and having the profile to leverage our skill and technology sets ensures our clients stay ahead of this growing risk curve.

Modular selection process

Monitoring and compliance DataProtech

Our five pillars of service combined with a unique set of technology tools enhances our client’s ability to combat and overcome the digital hygiene challenge. From assessment to ongoing protection, monitoring and compliance DataProtech via its modular matrix selection process ensures clients receive the exact service they require to address there needs. Our modular selection process means that at any time clients are able to leverage our services at a moment’s notice to increase there needs as and when required.

Research & Development is critical in leveraging information or providing the latest in artificial intelligence development, our R&D centre based in South Asia works tirelessly to meet both our intelligence gathering techniques to combat financial crime and to provide the latest in AI development techniques. We have already developed several AI platforms for large clients who utilise these platforms to process big data in the pharmaceutical and financial markets. Our financial crime team work closely with clients and law enforcement in the provision of information from several sources that has in recent years been utilised to track and apprehend bad actors and avoid large fraudulent activities taking place.

Global requirements of our clients

Our Team combines highly seasoned business individuals with the skill and forethought to run a global operation such as ours, we pride ourselves on having a services and consulting team of highly trained and accredited personnel who have worked around the world in many different environments and each having over 5 years’ experience in their chosen field. All our teams are fully vetted, some members carry government security clearances for certain countries. We are able to build teams of up to 50 people in as short a time as 24 hours, our own team of 25 consultants maintains the equilibrium between our clients and services and as a 24/7/365 organisation we are always available when you need us.

We are up to the challenge, DataProtech has invested time and money in ensuring our unique and unparalleled service set meets the global requirements of our clients and partners.

We look forward to serving our existing and new clients in a professional and trusting manner.