Enhanced Cyber Protection

Extended Detection and Response

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Enhanced Cyber Protection

Our ThreatDefence™ services ensures your organisation has complete visibility of their internal and external security landscapes, making you more aware of risks and improving the ability to detect and respond to threats.

ThreatDefence™ leverages security analytics, AI and ML to analyze user, application, and network behaviours for enabling a deeper auto detection and a faster response in order to contain sophisticated threats.

ThreatDefence™ deals with advanced attacks and strengthens your security posture through threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, attack simulations, incident monitoring, incident analysis and response.

Our service is fully managed by a group of cyber security experts whose sole goal is to ensure the safety of our client’s infrastructure both internally and externally.

Establish Next-Gen SOC

SIEM services & operations for effective incident management, proactive threat discovery through breach and attack simulations, endpoint detection and response through ML-powered attack prevention & quarantine, Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR) for improved response and automation, threat intel management, security data lake for anomaly detection.

Manage Threats 24X7

Round the clock event and incident monitoring and response services, World-class cyber defence centre to facilitate a tool neutral approach and integrate existing/new IT security infrastructure to provide a single real-time view your security posture. Our highly skilled teams detect, alert and notify threats and give you complete cover on threats and intrusions.

Ensure Advanced Detection

Examine network events and endpoints for malicious activities, full packet capture to eliminate false positives uncover hidden attacks and enable threat hunting, kill chain based advanced threat tracking through data correlation, analytics, and visualisation capabilities to mature security operations.

Enable Rapid Response

Quickly contain threats through incident analysis, incident containment, eradication & recovery, and incident response coordination, automate run book creation to provide alerts with actions required for effective responses.

SOC Maturity Assessment

Assess the current state of security operations to understand SOC maturity status based on best practices, industry direction, and organizational roadmap.

XDR Functional Benefits

Proactive Threat Discovery

Actionable Threat & Vulnerability Intelligence: Feed ingestion and analysis, strategic feed analysis and mapping customer assets for remediable recommendations.

Threat Hunting: Proactive threat hunting with strategic feeds, hypothesis management strategy, reporting & auto-remediation with SIEM integration.

Managed Deception: Decoy strategy implementation through files, network users and endpoints, monitoring and notifications, integration with SIEM & response.

Advanced Detection

Hosted and Managed SIEM: Log management, kill chain-based correlation rules, analytics, and visualization, SIEM administration, monitoring and notification, alert management.

Advanced SIEM Management: Full packet capture, flow analysis and management, advanced UBA analytics, vulnerability & configuration integration with SIEM.

Managed XDR: Endpoint deployment & policy reinforcement, monitoring, threat intelligence & hunting integration, alert, triage and reporting.

Rapid Response

Incident Response: Incident analysis, incident containment, eradication & recovery, incident response coordination.

Run Book Automation: Run book creation, API integration, technology configuration, testing & automation, reporting.

XDR Advantages

Gain complete org-wide visibility of all potential threats and risks.

Detect threat activity in the kill chain and ensure faster response to threats.

Disrupt kill chains and stop the attack.

Stay compliant and track issues based on priority.

Eradicate threat agents and remove the threat.

Drive hunt missions searches, know your adversaries and their attack methods.

What We Offer

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